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A Cultural Center is now located in the one-story building across Ewaneglicka Street. A commemoration plaque has been placed on the outside wall to pay tribute to the five thousand Jewish Holocaust victims of Belchatow; it was unveiled in 1992, marking the 50th anniversary of the liquidation of the ghetto. Before WWII there was a Jewish bank next to this building, whose manager, Jankiel Ehrlich, was one of the ten Jews hanged publically by the Nazis in Stary Rynek on 18 March 1942.


The majority of the pious Jewish population lived here in a row of narrow (ground floor only) houses (the synagogue was just across the street). Most of them were butchers and traders of kosher meat. The shohet also lived there.
No 5 - property of Berek Dzialowski.
There was a mikve in the rear building. 
 No 7
No 9 - site of the Kahal. Now various shops. 

  More information on http://www.shtetlinks.jewishgen.org/Belchatow/