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Buildings on this side of the Nowy Rynek were built in the 1920s, mostly by Protestant and Catholic citizens. Only a few Jewish families lived here. The intersection with Kwiatowa Street was added in 1938, and some old buildings which stood in one line of Ewangelicka Street were removed.
House No 3 & House No 5 
House No 7 - property of the Lechelt family, a backery.
House No 9 - property of Kazimierz Mietkiewicz and a fabric shop of Retkiewicz.
House No 11 - big restaurant of Julian Mietkiewicz. The shop of the Jew Jakubowski with iron accessoirs was also here.
House No 13 - elegant one-story building of Kazimierz Kostelecki. Before WWII the offices of the mayor, Konstanty Mietkiewicz, were situated on the upper level .
House No 17 
House No 21 - butcher shop of Karol Wittich
House No 23 - small house of Cudyk Piaskowski, a tailor. He was born in 1849 as son of Fajwel and Krajndla nee Nowak. His son Ajzyk, b. 1876, became a wealthy industrialist in Lodz who owned a silk weaving factory there.
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