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As punishment for supporting the 1830 November Uprising against the Tsar, the Frantiskaner cloister in Belchatow was closed by the Russian occupants. The land around it was sold to Jewish settlers, and this explains the big Jewish population at Stary Rynek.
The southern side of the market place was created by a row of buildings. All of them, as well as those which stood at the western side of the market, were destroyed by bombs from Nazi planes in the first days after the invasion of 1939. A public park was created after the liberation and remain still today.
In the past, houses around Stary Rynek bore numbers according to a different system, including those on the west side (now Kosciuszki street begins there).

No 27 – Catholic church and parish. Built on the site of the former wooden church, it is now the second oldest (after the Grocholice church) architectural monument in town (18th century).
North of it there was a row of Jewish houses. Just at the corner a one-story building stood in which a watch maker had his shop. Next to it towards Ewangelicka Street was a shop with liqueurs and wines, property of Wladyslaw Mietkiewicz, followed by several buildings, property of Lejzor Warszawski, with fabric and clothes shops, tailors and shoe-maker workshops (today a movie theater „Pokoj“ stands here). The family of Lejzor Warszawski was one of the most influential in town. Lejzor and his wife Laja had several sons: Abram Mendel (b. 1862, married to Estera Laja Goldsztejn), a trader, Josek (b. 1866, married to Krajndla Adler), a factory owner, Majer Icek (b. 1873, married to Szprynca Sztam), Aron (b. 1875).

Passing the church in a southernly direction, there was a one-story building (still exists, now Kosciuszki 2), and a small textile manufacture of Jakub Lewi was situated in the court yard.

No 30 – Two-story house of the Kostelecki family where many other citizens rented their flats. On the street level, Mr. Kostelecki had his grocery shop (today we would say a "deli"). After all the buildings on that site were bombed by the Nazis, a big building was erected in 1955 as a place for the district ("powiat") offices (now city hall, Kosciuszki 1).
No 31 – pharmacy of Mr. Szabranski
Other small buildings with many Jewish shops („schnur und Leinen“ of Rozenblatt and a beer inn of Joskiewicz.
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