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The textile factory of Perec Frajtag, Kosciuszki Street 12.
& House of the Frajtag family in Kosciuszki 10
Small textile manufactures had existed in Belchatow since the 1850s. The modern weaving industry started with the factory at Kosciuszki 12 (at the corner of al. Kaczkowskich), built in 1901 by Perec Frajtag (born 1867 in nearby Szczercow). For decades Frajtag´s factory employed hundreds of Belchatower workers. It had 150 power-looms.
Next to the factory, Mr. Frajtag, who settled in Belchatow in 1895, also built a one-story house for his family (wife Margula nee Pytowska, son Moszek, b. 1892, daughters Hinda, b. 1895, Prywa, b. 1897 and Rywka, b. 1898). After Perec’s death in Lodz in 1924, the factory was managed by Zuchowski and Adler, and later by Epsztejn.
As the factory survived WWII undamaged, it became the biggest industrial plant in town after the liberation in January 1945. Renamed the state textile enterprise BZPB, it continued to function until the 1960s. Recently the building was renovated and turned into a shopping mall.
The house of the Frajtag family was used as offices for various political institutions during the Communist era; on the upper floor there was library.
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