... Jewish Ancestors in Poland  

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Map of Bełchatów about 1910

Kosciuszki Street (West site)

House No 5
Property of the Jew Jakubowski. A physician, Dr Zygmunt Pajewski lived there and had his office there. Now a bank.


House No 7 (now No 17)

One of the oldest civil houses in Belchatow which has surrived until today. In the 1880s it was a post station owned by Szymon Mielczarski.

His son, Romuald Mielczarski, a pioneer of the consumer co-op movement in Poland, was born here in 1871. Later the house belonged to the

dairy co-op, and in 1928 was sold to Helena Pasikowska, who owned a drug-store at Kosiuszki No 2.

The lawyer, Albin Chomicki, lived here in the 1930s.



House No 9 (now 19)

Post office


House No 11 (now 21)

This two-story house was the property of Jankiel Ostrowski. Before WWII a trade school was situated on the 1st floor.



House No 13

Property of Mr Wittich (Wytych), a Protestant of German origin. A bank, Komunalna Kasa Oszczednosci, was situated at the street level, as well as

a butcher shop.

Between the houses No 11 and 13 some wooden barracks and shops were situated. Now it is Hellwiga Street, which leads to the Dwor Olszewskich
(Mannor of the Olszewski family), now a Regional Museum.


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